We were as giddy as a bride on the day of her wedding to be in the final tweaking stages of our Love&Style blog just as the 2014 Bridal Market Week commenced.  A few events piqued our interest and stood as reminders that memorable weddings are reliant on the brands and vendors you entrust.  The ritual of saying goodbye to an old life and beginning a new one is deliciously life changing; the big day should be complete with bells and whistles, laughter and tears, dancing, celebrating and quiet, treasured moments.

The myth is that planning weddings are stressful; the fact is that it’s not supposed to be for the couple.  That’s one reason that compels us to take a glimpse of what’s trending during one of the biggest wedding events of the year.  The other reason is so we can know that no matter what’s popular, each wedding still needs to be a unique expression of a love story and each wedding should be different from the next.

We couldn’t resist an invitation to view the Wedding Collection by Laduree at Laduree Soho, which also happens to be the best kept secret of bridal venues.  Upon arrival impeccably ordered confections of every color, reglette boxes and cones have the power to hypnotize anyone that’s ever tasted something sweet and loved it.  For the bride interested in offering the ultimate thank you, consider leaving an impression with the Laduree Cameo which promises to leave your guests feeling treasured.  The light beyond a dimly lit, cozy Parisian restaurant filled with international regulars lead to a little known venue that feels like heaven and home alike, and tiered Marie Antoinette cakes that made us tear up.

We’d hate to start a stampede but there is a private back room and tree lined terrace complete with a fountain and bar that seats up to 70 guests that feels just Paris.  The space has ample heat lamps for colder months and comes to life with a canopy of cherry blossoms in the spring.  You’ll want to keep in mind that Laduree Soho will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in February, 2015.  After perusing pyramids of choux, croquembouche and the Laduree wedding gift range we were clear: being trendy isn’t enough for the events surrounding a wedding.  The wedding cake has to be an art form.  Just ask Chef Jimmy LeClerc who takes an hour alone to make transparent roses from sugar to top tiered cakes and pyramids of macarons.  As you can imagine, he had a few fans.

From couples that choose a destination no-expense-spared wedding to bohemian chic ceremonies laced with trending celebrities and hipsters, saying thank you with the best you have to offer is something that gives your guests something money can’t buy.  Gratitude in all forms is still a luxury.

If you’d like to see more photos of our visit to Laduree Soho on our Pinterest page take a look HERE.