We weren’t sure how we’d hit the October weather lottery amidst a busy-season that has, so far, demanded we travel at light speed but one day before the 2014 Bridal Market Week officially began it was 64º, sunny and clear outside.  We arrived to The Highline Hotel Refectory in Chelsea in anticipation of the Spring 2015 Claire Pettibone bridal couture collection Gothic Angel.  Friendly, at ease staff directed us to a walkway that took us out of the daily pulse of speeding New York sidewalks to a courtyard that made us unsure we were still in the City.

Freshly fallen leaves were sparsely strewn on the grassy areas surrounding large shade trees in hues of gold and cadmium yellow.  Upon entry the stairs were flanked with half withered flowers and wide candles.  We couldn’t help but look for Eros and Cupid.  Generous clump arrangements of wild flowers that tell of summer’s end and new beginnings greeted us as we ascended to the 3,300 square foot Refectory.  Life size stain glass windows let in glowy light and the large, oblong room was quietly buzzing with conversation on either side of the runway.  To one end of the runway a mass of photographers and camera teams were stacked.  To the other stood a textured backdrop of leaves and twigs for the Angels we awaited.

Laser cut gold wrap invites created by Two Paper Dolls literally made us do the bridal boogie dance.  From luxe weddings to stylish brides looking to create the wedding of their dreams at a fraction of the cost, this is officially a must have.  With a little time left before the show we mused that lately even the most conventional wedding themes are greener now.  Brides want to move freely to enjoy nuptials and celebrate with loved ones.  Even conservative weddings are more organic with a little more ‘wild’ than before.  No matter how much bridal gowns are sought, coveted and doted over a bride’s got to be able to be herself on her special day moving comfortably in a dress made just for her.

The Gothic Angel collection was modern, whispy and didn’t disappoint.  Backless gowns with hints of Angel wings and flared French lace Angel sleeves would definitely tempt bohemian chic celebrities and women unafraid to walk on the wild side.  Dresses with ivory soutache ribbon embroidery on net with champagne silver Guipure lace straps and platinum silk lining are likely what you’d want to wear on the day you knock at heaven’s door.  Faith and Eternity this season are not vows but rather dresses.  There was an indescribable moment when Celestine entered…the dress, we mean, a champagne halter neck beaded embroidery with ivory stained glass illusion back, sequin train and platinum silk lining.

After the finale, Claire appeared on the empty runway, silently seeming to say, yes, I still love this.  She momentarily appreciated the full house meeting eyes with the room full of guests as cameras clicked before her exit.  Well done, Claire, we agree that if you’re going to make a splash, there may as well be bubbles.  Give Raphaella and Trinity our best.